Product Questions

When to take the product?

One scoop before workout. If taking two scoops, one scoop before workout and one scoop after workout. On non workout days, take one scoop first thing in the morning.

Do you need to be a bodybuilder or pro athlete to take this product?

Not at all. This product is for the every day athlete to the pro athlete. It's designed to supplement your diet, help performance and generally help you to feel better.

What are the side affects of the CCG Stack?

The only real side affect is with the creatine. It forces more water into your cells, so intern dehydrates you faster. Just increase water intake.

Is the product made in the USA.

In order to obtain the best quality ingredients, we had to go over seas. The product is mixed and packaged in the USA.

How to mix the product?

Use a shaker bottle or if not using a shaker bottle. Add product first, fill 8oz to 10oz glass an 1/8 of the way swish around then fill glass the rest of the way. Use spoon to stir, if need be. Do not stir with ice cold water, it makes the collagen clump. Add ice after you mix it. 8oz-10oz of water for optimal taste.

Shipping and Returns

Will you return damaged product?

Yes, if the product was damaged in the mail. Send us proof of the damage and we will replace it.

What shipping do you use?

USPS priority shipping

How long does it take to ship?

2-8 days

Is there any other shipping options for faster delivery?

Not at this time.

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